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Office Archives - What The Shock?!


Envolve Dual/Triple in One Stack and Spin Set

stack and spin fidget spinners

The Stack and Spin fidget spinners utilize a unique patent pending center cap that securely joins 2 spinners, allowing...

Baby Groot Pen Pot/Flower Pot

baby grout pen holder flower holder

This Baby Groot pen pot is the perfect addition for the office based Marvel fan. Made from high quality PVC, the Baby...

Smack a Sack Stress Relief Sack

smack a sack stress relief balls

Stress balls help relieve our stresses and wows but are always a little dull - Make relieving stress a little more fun...

USB LED Fan With Clock

usb led fan with clock

This cool USB LED Fan with Clock will go great with any computer setup or in the office. Not only will it keep you...

Magnetic Levitating Floating Globe

magnetic levitating floating globe levitation

Get futuristic with this awesome Magnetic Levitating Floating Globe! Kids will love this unique gift that will wow and...

BigMouth Inc. Toilet Mug

bigmouth inc toilet mug

Do you know somebody that's full of s**t? I'm sure you do! Well then this Toilet Mug from BigMouth Inc. is the perfect...

Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder

dump a trump pen holder

Are you a Trump lover or hater? Well this Dump-a-Trump Pen Holder is perfect for anybodies political views! Love Trump?...

Go F*ck Yourself, I’m Coloring: Swear Word Coloring Book

go fuck yourself im coloring swear word coloring book

Ah coloring books, you were so fun as a child, but life goes on. But why should coloring be limited to children?...