The What The Shock?! Ultimate Drinking Games

We've all been there - scrolling through Google trying to search for the best drinking games to play while being partially intoxicated, searching through the host's cupboards and drawers trying to find the items needed to get royally drunk!

We know doing the research beforehand would make more sense, but that's not really how drinking games work. But wouldn't it better to host a party with decent drinking games instead of just playing Ring of Fire or Beer Pong? Well, luckily the team at What The Shock?! have done the leg work for you! Here's our list of the ultimate drinking games so you can be the king or queen of the party!

drink a palooza drinking game


DRINK-A-PALOOZA combines Pong, Flip Cup, Quarters and a few other games into one big bundle! Only got 2 players? No problem! Got 10 players? No problem! With DRINK-A-PALOOZA you can play with up to 12 players, taking it in turns to play Pong, Flip Cup, Kings Cup, Quarters and numerous card games as you make your way around the board.

DRINK-A-PALOOZA fits neatly into one box so can be taken to all kinds of social events and can be played almost anywhere. The game board itself is laminated meaning that it will wipe clean and not get damaged should any drinks be spilled on it. All of this makes DRINK-A-PALOOZA one of the best drinking games on the market.



dart shots drinking game

Dart Shots

This novel Mini Dart Shots drinking game combines the perfect pub sport at the comfort of your own home. Take aim with up to 4 players as you battle it out to polish off those shots!

The board is made from a sturdy metal frame and contains 4 shot glasses and 2 sets of magnetic darts for you to enjoy.



drinking drinking game


Plink and drink with the Drinko drinking game! Just like the classic TV game, this fast-paced game of plink will have you are your friends drunk in a jiffy. Take it in turns to drop your counters into the Drinko board and drink the contents of the corresponding colored glass. Once all the shots are empty it's time to rinse and repeat!

The Drinko drinking game comes complete with 1 Drinko board (with metal pegs so they don't break), 6 shot glasses, 6 colored chips, and 5 glass dividers.




Shot Roulette

Love roulette but hate losing money? Have no fear, for the Shot Roulette drinking game is here to save the day! Have fun at parties with this fantastic drinking game and get very drunk on the way. Simply spin the wheel and let the roulette decide who will be taking a shot!

The set contains 1 roulette wheel, 2 metal balls, and 16 shot glasses, so make sure you stock up on spirits before you play!



tipple tower drinking game

Tipple Tower

Tipple Tower takes Jenga to the next level by getting you more and more drunk as you play. The rules are simple: Whatever the wooden brick says to do - do it! Each brick has a different description of the action required ranged from “Drink one with player to left”, “Everyone drinks ones” and “Everyone drinks except you”. If the tower topples while it's your go then get prepared to do some shots!

4 shot glasses are also included with the game so all you need are some friends and alcohol to enjoy this game.



torpedo shots drinking game

Torpedo Shots

Go head to head with a mate at with this Torpedo Shots drinking game that's guaranteed to get both players wasted! This amazing twist on the classic Battle Ships game will be the center piece party game as 2 players take turns to fire torpedoes to sink your enemies ships (and also makes them take shots)!

The game comes complete with 1 game board, 2 board clips, 6 battleships, and 20 plastic shot glasses. The game board is easily cleaned with a damp cloth in case of any spillages. This is one of the best drinking games we've seen (maybe that's just because we love battle ships as much as alcohol)!



snakes and bladdered drinking game

Snakes and Bladdered

Isn't Snakes and Ladders a kids game? Well yes, but this is Snakes and Bladdered! With Snakes and Bladdered you simply roll the dice, moving around the board like you normally would, slipping down the snakes back to a previous number. However, there are no ladders! Instead, landing on where a ladder would be results in the playing having a shot!

This high-quality set includes the game board, which is made from glass (but don't worry, the packagings really good), along with 6 shot glasses and a set of dice.



twerk pong

Twerk Pong

Forget Beer Pong, this is Twerk Pong! Put your twerking skills to the test and see if you can win a twerk off! There are 3 different games to play with the Twerk Pong set and will fill your party with fun with this unique game.

Have a one-on-one twerk off, whoever can twerk all of their balls out of the box first wins! Team up with a friend and have a two-on-two battle - shake it to make it! Grab a pen, paper and timer and take it in turns with multiple friends. The person with the quickest time is crowned the ultimate twerk master!